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Flexible Steel Framing Lines - Samesor PreFab

Complete solution for manufacturing structures of residential and commercial buildings.

Samesor Flexible Steel Framing solution is sheet metal technology based manufacturing system for producing frame structures of residential and commercial buildings. Samesor technology improves speed and accuracy in building process and brings cost savings to you.



Our solution integrates CAD based 3D-modelling and flexible production line to complete manufacturing system for creating ready-made components, steel frames and buildings.

Structure design and 3D-modelling in CAD system


Flexible manufacturing with Samesor PreFab production line


Ready-made components, steel frames and steel buildings


Advanced and fully automated production of prefabricated C and U members for ready-made wall, truss and floor framings:
  • Innovative connection marking: no measuring work needed when assembling the frames

  • Advanced fixing details: no additional adapters or jigs needed when assembling the frames

  • CAD-CAM integration: intelligent data transmission from construction modelling to manufacturing line

  • Flexible and advanced Samesor Prefab production line technology: 

- no tool changes during production: C and U profiles in wide dimension range with same tooling
- intelligent tooling for versatile perforations and detailing
- efficient and accurate production: members can be produced in assembly order


Flexible Purlin Lines - Samesor LGS 

Innovative Samesor Flexible Purlin Line technology offers wide assortment of purlin types and sizes for secondary & primary structures of industrial buildings.Our Purlin Lines are based on most advanced rollforming and tooling technology offering a totally new level of flexibility for effective purlin production; boosting the flexibility and accuracy of your services in construction industry.


Samesor LGS Line offers:
  • advanced flexibility in manufacturing

  • extremely short and easy product change-over between different purlin types (Z - C - U - Sigma)  and different purlin sizes without any tool changes

  • perforations with traditional equipment (Samesor LGS 2) or with sophisticated and flexible CNC tooling solution (Samesor LGS 4)




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